Technology To Cut Manpower Needs and Boost Productivity

Technology To Cut Manpower Needs and Boost Productivity

The Weight Grader offers numerous benefits for fish producers in these challenging economic times.

2022 is proving to be an especially tough year for many businesses across the world. Costs are spiralling and margins are taking a pounding.

At the same time, the global food industry is facing more issues now than ever, including staffing headaches as well as the constant need to satisfy ever higher quality and safety expectations, while still keeping products moving out the door.

Moreover, it is increasingly difficult to adjust to the ever-growing demand for predictable, fast and efficient processing systems that can guarantee sustainable long-term value to their business at affordable prices.

The PERUZA Flow Weight Grader offers the perfect solution to all of these needs.

What does the Weight Grader do?

It has been created to enable continuous and fast fish dosing in boxes. This is achieved by making precise weight or size measurements of all individual fish before they are placed into relevant boxes.

What is the Process?

The PERUZA Weight Grader grades fish in boxes by specific size or by weight.

An operator uses an infeed Z-type conveyor, with one product per pocket. It is then transferred to an acceleration conveyor.

Each product is weighed separately in a flow weight conveyor unit.

The weight of each of these products is compared to the correct exit gate grade and transported along the main conveyor to the corresponding exit gate.

With the boxes at the stations, they are transferred to the exit gate when they are close to the target weight. The machine then selects the exit gate that has the lowest possible up-weight compared to other gates.

What Are the Main Benefits?

The grading technology brings many benefits to the end user:

No Time Lost

The continuous grading process means no time is wasted.


Precise and fast weighing of fish.

Reduced Manpower

The weight grader only requires one operator at each gate. This machinery can replace up to 20 manual processing operators.

Continuous Grading

Your product is continuously graded. 

Getting the Weight Right

Precise and fast weighing translate into cost savings.

Adjustable Speed

The machinery has changeable speed settings that can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

What are the Technical Characteristics of this Technology?

Product: Whole-round fish

Processing capacity: 60-120 fish per minute

Equipment dimensions (LxWxH): 13800 x 2340 x 2230 (mm)

Number of operators on the machine: 0-1

Who are PERUZA?

PERUZA is a process engineering and equipment manufacturing company. Founded in 1991, PERUZA has more than 30 years of experience specialized in finding the bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the existing production process and creating the best equipment to solve these issues. The company has clients in more than 30 countries, principally in the food processing and fish processing industries.

In Conclusion

The requirement for predictable, fast and efficient processing in the fish industry has never been greater than it is now. PERUZA'S flow weight grader technology offers reduced manpower and increased productivity at a time when such benefits are very much needed.