5 AMAZING Real Transforming Vehicle [ SOLUTION FOR TRAFFIC? ]

5 AMAZING Real Transforming Vehicles

Commuting everyday between work and home?

Tired of getting stuck in traffic?

No alternate routes available?

Or maybe looking for a comfortable home to relax while you are on the road itself?

Probably the following transforming vehicles could be a solution to your problems….


Transforming Vehicle

This is the transforming vehicle you might be looking for. Take off from your home and land at your work place or vice-versa. Yes you read that right; the PAL-ONE in flight is an autogyro or in simple words a gyrocopter while on the ground it’s a tricycle which is somewhat like an ordinary motorcycle while on the turns. 

The PAL-V has a capacity for two passengers with a top speed of 180KM/H. According to the manufacturer the PAL-V is priced at 500,000 EURO. Not a bad deal.

Find out more on: www.pal-v.com

AeroMobil 3.0

Transforming Vehicle

Made in Slovakia, this is the car also called as roadable aircraft could be the closest thing to our vision of a proper flying car. According to the AeroMobil CEO who indicated that this vehicle is intended for “wealthy supercar buyers and flight enthusiasts” shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing it’s price tag.

A whooping $1.6 million ! 

Find out more on: www.aeromobil.com

Hum Rider

Transforming Vehicle

Probably the best transforming vehicle to beat your everyday commute : drive over the other cars. Look no further than the Hum rider then, a car which is equipped with hydraulic lifts built into the wheelbase which widens it’s base and rise up to a height that allows it to go over the cars eliminating the waiting time.  

That’s very thoughtful of the engineers at the Verizon. A dream come true for all the regular commuters who know the pain of peak hour traffic. 

They only forgot to mention the price tag though.

Find out more on: www.hum.com

Mercedes Vario Alkoven

Transforming Vehicle

A perfect transforming vehicle when it comes for long drives and camping in the remote location. It’s basically a mini luxury home on wheels with all the amenities so much so that you can also park your mini coupe car also. It can easily accommodate 4-8 people, the diverse interior concept provide a huge amount of luxury and comfort.

With so much to offer the price tag shouldn’t be of surprise : $1.3 million !

Find out more on: www.mercedesblog.com/vario-alkoven-1200-mercedes-benz-rv-can-swallow-your-slk/


Transforming Vehicle

This is the closest you can get to transforming vehicle from the movie Transformers except they call them Letrons which sounds slightly less exciting to be honest.

Made in Turkey, this car starts off as a regular BMW but you can’t drive except that it can be driven using a remote control when in car mode and with a touch of a button lo and behold it transforms into a giant robot with kinetic fingers, arm movements and a powerful wrist action.

As of now, it’s used as a show stopper in the major car exhibitions around the world and engineers at the Letrons are more than willing to add the walking functionality provided extra funding is provided.

So for this not so useful car the price tag is $600,000

And certainly not a solution for our traffic problem.

Find out more on: www.letrons.com