Quick Review Card : Lever Gear Tool Card

Quick Review Card 

Review of : Lever Gear Tool Card

Use : For your day to day usage


40 in 1 credit card multi tool


Slightly over priced ! 

User Friendly

Slips easily into your wallet or it can be your wallet

Summary : Each Tool Card Pro is crafted in the USA with a proprietary process from 420 stainless steel. The parts are precision stamped and coined, tumbled to remove sharp edges, CNC milled, heat treated, bead blasted for a satin finish, laser etched, and finally passivated for even greater corrosion resistance. The result is a product that is both beautiful and durable enough to stand the test of time.

tool card for engineers
  • Not very useful as money clip
  • Won't always fit in the space you need to use it in

Price $29.95

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5! This is by far the most durable multi tool that fits in a wallet. I use a minimalist wallet (as seen in photo) and this is a great addition while still keeping my wallet small. Also, this sucker is durable and isn't bending anytime soon! Two words: Buy it.

Tristan Larson Caro

April 22, 2017