5 TED Talks Every Civil Engineer Should Listen

5 TED Talks For Civil Engineers 

With the increasing advancement in technology and the way we live, our world is very different from what it was 10 years ago and in fact it looks drastically very different if we are to see it 50 years ago. With these changes, Civil Engineers and Architectural societies are closely considering how our future and current will look like and how future engineering projects should fit into our dynamic world. In the following TED talks 5 experts show us how and why these projects should reflect the need for the future societies and how to rebuild the world of the future.

Michael Murphy - Architecture That's Built to Heal

Mr. Michael is world famous architect and know for his award-winning Butaro Hospital in Rwanda. Since the completion of the project, he continued his work in the field of social healing as the director of MASS design Group. In his talk, “Architecture That’s Built to Heal,” Murphy shares what inspired him to study architecture and what propels him to continue his important and innovative work.

Parag Khanna – How Megacities Are Changing the Map of the World

Mr. Parag is a global strategist and author of the famous book Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, in which he likens the world to the human body with a vast network of vascular connections. In his talk, he talks about “How Megacities Are Changing the Map of the World”. He also tells us about trend of mass urbanization has come to define our existence.

Ole Scheeren – Why Great Architecture Should Tell a Story

A world renowned German architect who designed number of innovative structures in China and in other parts of the world. In this talk he shares his belief that architecture should tell a story that forms a social connection with those who live and work in the space. His talk encompasses a social perspective as a part of the his building processes.

Jeff Speck – 4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable

In this super interesting talk the author speaks about why in our future cities cars should not be a option for us to travel and why walkability in the cities should be promoted and considered. He also talks about issues like suburban sprawl, minimal access routes to key locations etc.

Bran Ferren – To Create for the Ages, Let’s Combine Art and Engineering

In his intriguing TED talk on architectural design, he opens the talk stating that he was a child of artists. His work experience revolves around designing theatre design and developments projects for companies like Disney. In his talks, he shares some of the artistic marvels created by humankind and the achievements that we have in the field of science and engineering throughout history.

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