Water Pumps Applied In Special Conditions

Water Pumps Applied In Special Conditions

Today, high-temperature applications are found in almost every industry, which makes understanding their working and the associated benefits essential.  For example, using a “stock” or standard pump on an application that operates on high temperature may lead to stalled drives, leaking seals, or even pump break up.

The horizontal multistage pumps from CNP are designed to provide exceptional performance at very cost-effective prices. The CNP Pump range is made of stainless steel construction with conventional cast iron bases for more stability.

Most thermal transfer pumps must consider extreme temperatures that exceed 300°C. The high temperature pumps variety from CNP are designed with fluid and heat transfer in mind. For many years, CNP has been supplying multistage centrifugal pumps to different industries.

Versatile Pump Application

Applications that use CNP pumps include water distribution, pressurization, treatment, boiler feed, and irrigation. CNP horizontal multistage centrifugal pump are suitable for low viscosity, aggressive, clean or slightly contaminated liquids.

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The CNP Pump high temperature centrifugal pumps are compatible with water and many other types of glycol operating under high temperature situations. No two applications are similar. Therefore, before selecting a pump, you need to consider the type of liquid being pumped, liquid viscosity, the required flow and pressure, duty cycle, suction conditions, and the range of temperatures that your pump will be operating in.

For instance, their unique hot water pumps are equipped with a cooling loop that keeps the temperature of the unit’s isolated seal chamber at low levels. You will find this heavy-duty centrifugal pump ideal for any OPEM or industrial application.


Compact Pump Design 

Multi horizontal Stage Pumps have low noise, compact design, and long service life. Not only are they are easy to install but also to operate. The energy-efficient design also comes with stainless steel stamped-welded diffusers and impellers. CNP horizontal multistage centrifugal pump from CNP Pump feature outstanding quality yet are available at unbeatable prices. They are ideal for water distribution, treatment, and pressurization, among other functions.

If a multistage centrifugal pump is not readily available, an economical approach to generate high pressures when using a single centrifugal pump is by including multiple impellers on a common shaft inside the pump casing. The internal channels in the casing then route the discharge of the single impeller to the suction point of another impeller.

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Reliable and Service-Friendly 

CNP horizontal multistage centrifugal pump is a space-saving, reliable and service-friendly, piece of equipment. It’s suitable for slightly aggressive fluids and is highly energy efficient. Horizontal multistage pumps are not only easy to install but their operation is also easy. They are designed with stainless steel impeller and diffusers.

High temperature centrifugal pumps ensure uniform and consistent process temperatures while at the same time keeping potentially harmful heat from the bearings and seal faces. When working within the set parameters, these pumps require no external cooling. The seal placement, throttle bush, and journal bearing reduce temperature and circulation along the entire pump length, effectively reducing the pump’s temperature.

All CNP pumps are also made using high-efficient laser welding impellers and casings which reduce running costs, power consumption while running with better hydraulic efficiency.

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