How to pass the PMP exam with above target scores? [Complete Guide]

How to pass the PMP exam with above target scores? [Complete Guide]

Are you one of those who wants to jump in the career ladder? Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and have the awesome three letters P M P written right next to your name on your LinkedIn profile, CVs, in email signatures etc. and also to be more productive at your work

Since many people have this query regarding for preparing for the PMP exam, here is an article which we have written based on the experience of many who are PMP certified by just not clearing the exam but also with above target scores overall. 

Also if you are wondering what are the requirements to appear for PMP exam, here is a detailed article from Project Management Training Institute regarding the same. 

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PMP Exam

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So to keep things simple and to the point, we assume that you have already submitted your application for PMP to the PMI and your application is approved and you are in the phase of preparing for the PMP exam (in case you need any help in submitting the application you message us)

Study Plan and Duration Required

You need to fix 1-2 hours daily to study for the exam and maybe extend it little more over the weekends. An ideal duration for preparing for the exam is somewhere between 30-45 days anything above this is simply a waste of time.

The best books for preparing?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question. We will like to give two recommendations based on how quickly you are able grasp information while studying a subject matter. 

PMP Exam Prep, Ninth Edition – Rita Mulcahy

If you are one of those who is OK with lots of text and information being bombarded to you but in an organized form, then this is the book for you. A very clean and neat book which help you to understand the concepts of the project management while giving you some very important practical tips to give your exam as well on the way.

What’s the best thing about this book is the practice questions at the end of each chapter and mock exams at the end of the book along with answer keys which helps you to test yourself and understand where do you stand in your preparation.

You can buy the book from Amazon and it cost somewhere around $79.9
Link :

PMP Exam

Head First PMP, 4th Edition

Do you easily gets bored and uninterested by lot of text and information then this book is definitely for YOU. This book is primarily for those who like to learn a subject with more practical and real life examples to understand the concepts and ‘Head First PMP’ does exactly that. 

It’s filled with pictures and stories of fictional characters revolving around the project management concepts so as to make the reader the understand how these concepts are applied in the real world scenario.

You buy the book from Amazon and it cost somewhere around $44.75
Link :

Tips while preparing for the exam

One of the most important tip we would like to share is making your own notes while studying from any of the books mentioned above because by writing down notes it helps us to register information more effectively in our memory also it also serves as a quick reference guide in case you want to revise a particular topic afterwards.

Tips for those who have left less than 2 weeks left for the exam

Learn and practice to prepare a brain dump sheet which is recommend by most of the experts in this field. So basically it’s a sheet with all the important formulas and information which you just note down immediately after receiving your rough page at the exam center. What it does is it removes lot of stress and anxiety from you in case you forget any formula which might be required to answer a question. Also this technique is time effective as you can quickly solve questions by just picking up the right formulas from your brain dump sheet.

Tips while in the exam

First of all, you need to be very relaxed and calm. Don’t think what will happen if you fail rather focus your energy what will happen if you PASS!

While answering questions I won’t recommend to use your work experience to answer the questions and I can tell you that most of the time you won’t get that answer right if you use your work experience because we are not sure if we are really using the PM concepts at our work place therefore it’s very important to answer the questions in the light of the PMP concepts as given in the PMBOK

Wishing you all the best for your PMP examination !

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