5 Best Mold Manufacturing Industries in Japan

5 Best Mold Manufacturing Industries in Japan

Plastic molds and metal molds are important tools for mass production today. Both are essential components in manufacturing. For example, plastic molds are used for injection molding resin. Like mold casting Metal molds are used for stamping. With current techniques, plastic molds and metal molds can be created with precision down t

o the micron level. These molds therefore help to enable mass-produced pieces to have the same shape and quality in a variety of industries.

Every industry commonly uses these molds in the manufacturing of their products such as automotive, healthcare, furniture, packages and electrical industry etc. It is important that mold you buy is perfect and it is only possible when the manufacturer you choose is professional with the latest technologies. 

In this article, we want to solve your problem by listing some of the best mold manufacturing companies. Let us have a look.

1. Matex Company Limited

   - Location: Osaka, Japan

   - Contact: +81-72-941-8651

   - Founded in: 1921

   - Company Strengths: 

Since the company's founding in February 1996, Matex company has been designing and manufacturing molds, including stamping various metal workpieces, various types of injection molding, and integrated systems. Throughout its time, the company has tried to produce quality work quickly. The company also provides the service of manufacturing Custom Plastic Injection Molds.

Matex molds are light weight, affordable, and quality-wise, they are better than most of the mold manufacturers in Japan. The secret to lightweight products is the use of plastic, instead of metal.

The company designs and manufactures molds in Japan by keeping customer benefits in mind in terms of delivery time and costs, mold maintenance, and supporting the production of parts in case of emergency.

2. TDL Mould Company

   - Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

   - Contact:  +86-0769-8228 8296

   - Founded in: 1995

   - Company Strengths:

TDL Plastic Moulding Company is the one name that provides services in every country. The basic origin of the company is in China but it is offering molding solutions at affordable prices all over the world. You can find every type of mold service in the company such as plastic injection molding, product design, 3D printing, mold design, mold manufacturing, CNC Machining, and Rapid prototyping.

After versatility, another strength of the company is Quality. The company products are no 1 in quality and efficiency. The company has achieved many quality certifications. Some of them are ISO9001, IATF16949:2016, and ISO 13485:2016. Their manufacturing process follows HASCO, DME & LKM standards. 

To ensure the satisfaction of its customers, the company provides 2-year warranty and also door to door maintenance service. Many industries can get services from the company such as Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Electric, Electronics, Energy, Robotics, and Automation Industries.

3. YASUI Company Limited

   - Location: Miyazaki, Japan

   - Contact: +81-982-63-7111

   - Founded in: 1977

   - Company Strengths: 

Yasui Company has been a molder enterprise for more than a century. It is a mold manufacturing factory with professional mold makers with expertise and experience in making molds with a variety of materials, whether it be molds for the medical industry, rubber products, or plastic products. and various casting products, they have services that fully meet your needs. From the design process to selecting the best materials. In order for customers to receive the workpieces according to their needs and at a good price, this is the best option. 

The company provides the most modern and safe production standards, which design molds according to customer needs and requirements.

Their mold-making processes and medical products are qualified with international certifications such as ISO 13485 which certifies that medical devices which are created here are according to international. They have also achieved ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems.


   - Location: Kanagawa, Japan

   - Contact: 0296-48-8100

   - Founded in: 1928

   - Company Strengths: 

Fuji Gosei plastic molding company is called a one-stop solution and is a leader in the design and production of complete molds such as plastic molds, rubber molds, and die-casting molds.

Using modern machinery and software, their work system is controlled by skilled engineers with direct experience in mold manufacturing. For more than 20 years, their customers have been confident that they will receive work that is accurate, precise, and of the quality they desire. From time to time, the company has a habit of passing its machinery and tools that are used in production through ISO standards. Their entire production process is in-house starting from mold design, printing, manufacturing, assembling and testing, which allows us to respond quickly and accurately to customer needs.

They specialize in making molds for wired and wireless communication products, mobile phone cases, peripheral devices, medical equipments, automobile parts, and beauty products.


   - Location: Nagoya City, Japan

   - Contact: 052-736-0661

   - Founded in: 1967

   - Company Strengths: 

Tanaka Die & Mold Works was started in 1967 with the intention of providing the best value molds to customers through quality products and collaborating with customers to make every project successful, on time, and at the most worthwhile cost.

Their molds are currently used in every industry such as the automotive industry, electrical industry, digital electronics, packaging industry, food and beverage industry, and many more.  They are experts in manufacturing three-dimensional, micro, or medium-sized items.

Molds will be produced by technicians trained in professional courses. The company has experience in making all kinds of molds such as rubber molds, plastic molds, and casting molds. 

Tanaka keeps itself up to date and integrates new technologies in previous ones. All of their processes apply automation and other intelligent manufacturing technologies to save time and work fast.


We hope that the above list will help you to know about the manufacturers of mold. In order to get quality workpieces according to the purpose of your work it's important to choose the right manufacturer. But If you have no idea how to create or improve your mold, then we are pleased to join in assisting you in the process. of the work pieces. You just need to contact us.