How Nicola Pilone Is Making A Difference In The Sphere Of HVAC-R Systems

How Nicola Pilone Is Making A Difference In The Sphere Of HVAC-R Systems

There is nothing better than coming home to a dwelling that has central air conditioning and heating. The HVAC-R systems of today are truly incredible in how they work and the comfort that they provide. However, we never stop and think about who the great minds are behind these systems and what they do to make our world a better place.

Nicola Pilone, Founder and CEO of PT (, is one of those incredible minds and he has designed a way to improve the way HVAC-R systems work as well as reduce energy waste in the environment. He has managed to do this by creating more efficient pre-insulated copper tubes that are revolutionary in the way that they work. But achieving this great milestone has been a long road for Nicola in many ways.

Born in Bari, Italy, Nicola was raised in the small town of Bitetto. His father was an entrepreneur and it left quite an impression on young Nicola as he watched his father in his day-to-day operations. Over time, he witnessed his father move from a tiny local startup in the town where they lived to him spreading his business over 4 continents. By then, Nicola understood exactly what he wanted to do in life and that was to follow in his father’s footsteps.

After school, Nicola decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering because of his passion for inventing and designing. Once he had completed his education, he knew that it was time to join the family business and contribute his extensive knowledge to push the company higher.

Nicola learned a great deal from working with his father but one of the most valuable lessons that were conveyed to him was the importance of always putting quality first. By taking this approach to everything that he did, he was able to reach new heights with the business in a way that would have never seemed possible. However, Nicola understands that implementing quality in your products also means taking your time and doing things right. Because of this, he has developed quite a reputation in the HVAC-R industry for creating products that stand the test of time. His notoriety has allowed him to build a loyal following over the years due to the fact that people know that they can count on him to produce the best.

One of his most popular innovations came from the realization that there needed to be a way to help increase the energy efficiency of HVAC-R systems. He understood how typical pre-insulated copper tubes were lacking in their ability to transfer refrigerant in an effective way without losing their thermal energy during the process. He decided to take on the challenge and provide a solution that changed the HVAC-R industry forever.

Officially known as RYNO® line, Nicola changed the way standard refrigeration tubing is created and thought of an entirely new approach to its design by wrapping copper tubing with an effective form of insulation that significantly reduces the heating and cooling losses in the HVAC-R system as the refrigerant travels from the compressor to the evaporator and back again. By improving upon this thermal energy transfer, the system can work at a more efficient level while saving electricity during the process.

Ingenuity and passion combined with the constant need to develop new and improved technology for the HVAC-R world are what Nicola Pilone is all about. His constant desire to continually make himself better through education and ingenuity has allowed him and his company to stay ahead of the rest. By always making sure that his core values of accountability and responsibility take precedence in his business, Nicola will continue to impress and expand his influence in the world of HVAC-R.

We are excited to see what else Nicola Pilone and his team are working on to make a difference in improving this global industry while reducing the ecological impact that it can produce in our world.

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