World’s Best Portable AC Unit which helps to keep the electricity bill down !

World's Best Portable AC Unit which helps to keep the electricity bill down !

evaSmart EV-3000

Since the weather is changing and we are kind of stuck in this temporary transition from a comfortable whether to a hot summer approaching us where the nights are just a bit too hot to sleep without a cool breeze but still not warm enough to justify installing an ENORMOUS window AC unit shooting your electricity bill above the roof.  But don’t worry we have just the right solution for you to keep your home at the right temperature.

Meet the evaSmart EV-3000 from Evapolar, a portable AC unit that might be the best transitional appliance. A tiny little unit which is quite powerful for its size. It measure about 7.24 x 8.54 x 8.14 inches and has an impressive cooling power of up to 1360 BTU which can easily keep an area of about 43sqft cool which is very impressive!

Also the power consumption by this device is very modest at 12W in addition to this the device comes with a USB type C and can be powered up with a USB power bank or with any standard plug.

evaSmart EV-3000

How does it work?

By now you must be imagining how does something so small can do wonders, let us explain you. So the evaSmart is an evaporative cooler – which means it takes in the hot, dry air and cool, moist air by leveraging the water tank which needs to filled with water always in order for the device to work properly. The device claims to last up to eight hours on a single tank fill. Moreover, it comprises of a cooling cartridge which consists of natural basalt fibres which helps to prevent bacteria and mold growth and needs to be replaced every 2 to 6 weeks for you to get fresh air always.

Is it easy to operate evaSmart EV-3000?

To make things simple and easy the device comes with a touchscreen panel on the top, once the device is turned on you will have the ability to control the fan speed, the brightness of the built-in light, and light’s colour. To make things even more interesting the evaSmart comes with a ‘Evapolar app’ which helps you to connect it to your device via Wi-Fi which gives you the availability to control the temperature of the outgoing air, fan speed and also tell you about the water level available in the AC unit. To add the icing on the cake the app also gives you access to its full suite of voice controls which is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as other smart home platforms like Samsung Smart Things and Apple Home kit.

evaSmart EV-3000

Can it be use for something else as well?

Don’t want to use it as a personal AC unit now problem! the evaSmart device also works best as a humidifier as well. Because of its impressive evaporative technology, it works very well as a solution to dry air conundrums. Also the app allows you to set humidity levels in your microclimate as well.

Alternative to evaSmart EV-3000?

If you think the price tag of $259 is too high the Evapolar also offers another cheaper model of its portable AC unit for $169 which is called the evaLight which is equally good but has a bit less cooling power of 1200 BTU which is effective for only 32 sqft area. It’s also smaller in size measuring 6.87x6.70x6.69 inches and weighs just under three pounds without the water in its tank which means you need to fill the tank with water more frequently and replace the cartridge every three to six months. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a companion app but all the functions are accessible through the touch screen on top of the unit.

evaLight evapolar

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