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Role of Subsurface Utility Engineer [All You Need to Know]
One of the underrated but important branches of engineering is subsurface utility engineering. Do you want to know what subsurface utility engineering companies do? Keep reading to know more about the same.
6 Best Reservoir Simulation Tool in 2020
In the reservoir simulations usually, the oil and gas companies depend on simulation and modeling software to produce the best representation of reservoirs of oil and gas, all the usage of equipment as well as resistivity and environmental effects
Top 4 Reasons to Study Engineering
Engineering is one of those rare fields in the world that will always have a bright scope for students. However, the problem with most young people today is, they are lost and don’t have a perspective on the outcome of what they are studying.
Career in Environmental Engineering [All You Need to Know]
Environmental Engineering can be the beacon of hope for our younger generation and the catalyst for the start of a sustainable world,find out how !
10 Inspirational Engineering Quotes [From Around the World]
Looking for some inspiration to start off your next exciting project or maybe to rejuvenate your passion for engineering to create something really awesome.
The Engineering Behind Plastic Waste [You need to Explore]
A life without plastic products is nothing short of an unimaginable ordeal. Plastics have become an integral part of our life and so is plastic engineering!
6 Smart Engineering Toys for Techie Kids [7 years and older]
Have you ever noticed how some kids are very inquisitive and they try to explore and do things in a way one can’t even imagine as if they are natural-born engineers!
3 Amazing Tools for Mechanical Engineers! [Engineering Gift Ideas]
Mechanical engineers are some of the most hard working people and the work involved is mostly of physical nature. Therefore, it is important for them to have the right tools so as to be more productive and get the work done in a smarter way and easier way.
How to pass the PMP exam with above target scores? [Complete Guide]
Are you one of those who wants to jump in the career ladder? Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and have the awesome three letters P M P written right next to your name on your LinkedIn profile, CVs, in email signatures etc
How tennis balls are made? [DETAILED EXPLANATION]
With the US open kicking in next few days, we look in detail at the most important part of the game: the tennis balls.
Review Casio FX-115ES – Engineering World
A great investment for anyone looking to adopt and become familiarized with their first – or next – scientific calculator
27 Cool Wallpapers and Backgrounds for Engineers
27 Cool Wallpapers and Backgrounds for Engineers Everybody got a PC or cell phone these days, and having a mind[...]
10 Engineering Equations : Which Changed the World Around Us
The biggest minds in the history have used mathematics to lay the foundation for how we measure and understand our universe. Time and time again, we have proved that it only takes one simple formula to alter the course of humanity
Quick Review Card : Lever Gear Toolcard
The tool card is precision stamped and coined, tumbled to remove sharp edges, CNC milled, heat treated, bead blasted for a satin finish, laser etched, and finally passivated for even greater corrosion resistance. The result is a product that is both beautiful and durable enough to stand the test of time.
Quick Review Card : Leathercraft Grip Work Gloves
CLC handyman gloves deliver an unmatched blend of style, function and quality. They’re form-fitted for added dexterity and reduced fatigue, helping you finish the job with ease.
Productivity Hacks for Engineers | Make Life Easier
Productivity Hacks for Engineers | Making Life Easier An engineers day is hectic, without a doubt. Meetings clutter your calendar,[...]