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 36 Engineering Gift Ideas and counting...

We keep adding new gift ideas which are recommended by fellow engineers or based on our research. So don't forget to come back again next week to find something really cool here. Also if you have a good gift idea do write to us here and feel free to share this page with others too !

Circuit Board Necktie
best gift for electrical engineer

A perfect gift idea for electrical engineers which also comes binary code and mother board designs and will make you stand out during any event !

Emergency Breather 
smoke fire breather

A small but important live saving gadget for every home which could potentially save your or a loved one's life by preventing smoke inhalation during a fire and helps to remove toxic gases for 5 mins.

Cup for Engineers 
best cup for engineers

Engineers are just naturally good with numbers and love to play around it. For them numbers are everything so why don't you start your day with your coffee in this awesome cup which just reminds you how good you are with maths and super awesome !

MiniPresso Expresso Maker
coffee maker for engineers

As engineers we tend to do our work in the most easiest and most efficient way possible. The MiniPresso is the WORLD’s smallest espresso maker which operates without batteries or electric power !

Smartphone Lens Kit
mobile lens for engineers

If you are one of those who LOVES photography then this is for you. With a 2-in-1 smartphone lens kit you get a 140 wide angle lens and a 10x macro lens to take your iPhone and Android photos to a whole new level  

3D Safe Puzzle
puzzle for engineers

If you are up for a challenge then this affordable 3D puzzle safe is JUST for you. Put a attractive price inside and start working on cracking the complicated code that opens this puzzle's secrets.

World's Smallest LED Projector
engineering gift idea for computer engineer

A tiny piny 2 inch portable LED projector which works perfectly with your smartphones, laptop or a computer to give you a larger than life experience. The projector projects a huge 120-inch screen on the go, be it anywhere !

Levitating LED Light Bulb
engineering gift idea for electrical engineer

A super AMAZING gift especially for electrical engineers, a levitating LED lamp which hovers by magnetic levitation with bulb which can last up to 50,000 hours and is powered through air. How INCREDIBLE is that!

Transparent Speakers
engineering gift idea for sound engineers

A tiny piny 2 inch portable LED projector which works perfectly with your smartphones, laptop or a computer to give you a larger than life experience. The projector projects a huge 120-inch screen on the go, be it anywhere !

Hammer Multi Tool
Multi purpose hammer

It can perform 10 functions which help you to easily take on any task, the functions are : hammer, wire cutters, pliers, etc etc. A handy and efficient tool for your day to day needs ! 

Levitating Plant Plot 
best gift idea for engineer

A levitating pot for your plant ! This unique gift is so AWESOME that the pot is actually levitating under a zero gravity growing system over an oak base with the help of magnetic levitation !

Multi tool Pen
5 in 1 pen

Our unique engineer style pen with multiple functions. Pen is equipped with a ruler, level, flat head/phillips screwdriver, capacitive touchscreen stylus and ballpoint pen. Packaged in a tin box, a perfect gift idea !

Fish Hotel Aquarium
gift idea for civil engineer

Modelled after contemporary condominium apartments, this reinvented aquarium features a sleek white shell with assymetrical windows. Individual units can be stacked to create a condo effect. A perfect engineering gift for civil engineers who love fishes ! 

Science Salt Flasks
fun flask for chemical engineers

These unique salt and pepper shakers are in the shape and style of a science lab flask with a rubber stopper closing the tops. On each flask is a periodic table style label that identifies which flask to use for salt and pepper. A great gift idea for chemical engineers ! 

N52 Neodymium Magnets
magnet as gift idea

The Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Cube  is extremely powerful and built to last. It’s designed & manufactured under stringent, high quality standards using the latest technology to ensure you receive the best Neodymium Magnet every time.

Tiny MacBook Pocket Mirror
engineering gift idea for computer engineer

A cool tiny pocket mirror which is in the form of a ultra-realistic Macbook Air also it fits in easily in your pocket and you have it available whenever you need it . A perfect gift idea  when you want to touch up on the go!

Hurricane Cocktail Mixer
engineering gift idea for civil engineer

What do you get when you blend glass, chrome, classy design, and modern engineering? A fully automated cocktail mixer, of course ! A perfect gift for all the engineers after a hard day at work !

Smart Kitchen Scale
engineering gift idea for food engineer

If you are an engineer and love COOKING then this is for you. A smart kitchen scale which makes the cooking and baking a piece of cake. It’s so awesome that he app's virtual bowl on screen fills up and tells you when to stop.

Smartphone Mini Drone
best engineering gift for aeronautical engineers

A fun, cheap, powerful, and very easy to fly quadcopter which gives you a real time, first person video right on your phone and as a matter of fact it is the world’s SMALLEST video copter available!

Portable Cube Color Digitizer
engineering gift for electronics engineer

Not sure what is the exact colour of the texture, no problem this color cube can tell you the same by just placing it on the surface and will give the information in RGB, HEX and more on your phone !

Mechanical Locomotive
engineering gift for automobile engineer

A perfect gift for engineers who worked especially in the locomotive industry. This impressive locomotive is richly detailed with an eye toward realism and minute details !

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