7 Reasons Every Engineer Should Start Their Own Blog

7 Reasons Every Engineer Should Start Their Own Blog

The engineering field is more of a show, not an area. If, for instance, you're interested in finding out how wrenches are made, you can look for a video covering not a long list of instructions on how to do it. While that is true, the value of written content in the engineering verticals is underrated. In an era where people seek information in search boxes, having a blog and a website is a prerequisite for every single engineer out there. 

Today, we will be taking a look at all the reasons you should start a blog from scratch and put effort into creating content.

Become an authority in your niche

People get bombarded with information daily. Engaging people and making them want to come back for more is an increasingly difficult task. The key to success is in the value of the information you provide. Engineering is an innately technical space where specialization is valued and differentiates the good from the elite. 

A blog is a space where you can share your knowledge, your expertise, and the experience you have acquired. People are starving for information that’s detailed, to the point, and solves problems. With engineering being such a niche industry, a blog is a perfect place to build a voice people trust and turn to when they seek information.

Make money

Time is money these days, and writing with no actual return might be off-putting for many engineering professionals. The truth is that blogging can actually make you money, depending on the amount of time and effort you put into it. While it’s something that takes time and patience to achieve, it’s definitely worth the wait. 

From affiliate marketing and paid ads to online courses and guest blogging, there are over 11 ways you can make money blogging.

Sharpen your communication skills

The more you talk or, in this case, write, the better you become at communicating ideas. As mentioned above, engineering is a highly technical field. While you might have the knowledge and skills to solve complex problems on the job, explaining how you did what requires an entirely different skill set. 

Starting a blog can help you become a better salesman, customer service agent, and account manager. These people-facing roles require you to talk to less-knowledgeable people and help them understand engineering concepts in the simplest way possible.

Acquire new customers

When it comes to acquiring new customers in the engineering field, word of mouth is a tried and tested method. While that will always be a pillar for the industry, a blog is an addition that can add another layer to it. We live in a digital age, and researching information online is the new normal. 

Starting a blog gives you and your business a visible online presence. Posting on your blog frequently can help you rise up the search engine rankings and become the go-to option for people interested in your services. These are people who might have never heard of you before, people who live in different cities, outside your working or client circle. 

A good blog is a live marketing mechanism that can increase your customer base.

Collaborate with other engineers

The beauty of a blog or a website is that you can easily create or become a part of an online community. The power of the Internet makes it possible for people with the same ideas and interests to come together and form powerful communities and think tanks. 

Linking up with other engineers could open the doors to collaborations, business ventures, or even friendships, enhancing your professional and personal horizons. It’s an opportunity to learn new things from other people in your field or even teach them things you know. The possibilities are endless.

Test ideas 

A blog is a perfect medium for getting feedback on an idea or a sense of what the market feels about a new project you’re working on. It solves a significant problem many engineers and entrepreneurs face today - product-market fit. 

Why spend time, money, and resources developing an idea that has no place in today’s marketplace when you can test your concept beforehand? A blog can be interactive and initiate a conversation with the audience, and it can be the proving ground of ideas before they go into production.

Blogging has low barrier to entry

Considering what blogging can offer to you and your business, the barrier to entry is almost non-existent. What do you need to start blogging? A hosting plan, a domain name, and the willingness to share your engineering knowledge. Your blog could be up and running in less than 24 hours, and from there on - the sky's the limit. 

It will cost you less than the price of a coffee per month, and depending on how much time you devote to it, the return can be huge.

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