Electronics Engineering Decoded (Top 5 Electronics Engineer Specialisms)

Electronics Engineering Decoded (Top 5 Electronics Engineer Specialisms)

Electronics engineer at work

Electronic Engineering is a branch of engineering discipline which deals with the active electrical components to design circuit devices, integrated circuits and their systems. This technical stream is very complex and requires a lot of willingness on the learner’s part to build upon his career in analogue electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics.

However, there are some areas they specialize in.

Embedded Software

With the rise of technology, embedded software systems are becoming more prevalent. There is more clamor for embedded software engineer recruitment, not only within the tech industry but in a multitude of industries further afield. So, what really is embedded software? An embedded system is a computer that performs predefined tasks as per the requirements. Microprocessors, electronic chips with the printed circuits found inside the electronic items, all make use of embedded software, which help them perform the commands of the user.

Embedded software engineers have an in-depth knowledge of these embedded architectures. They have a command in programming languages like C/C++ etc. embedded developers have experience in coding in embedded Linux or similar embedded operating systems. Besides embedded engineers work primarily with hardware and operating systems.

Analogue Systems

In order to accomplish the responsibilities, electronics engineering makes every student specialize in a particular field, Analogue system being one of them. So, understanding the analogue system might be challenging for us. However, the engineers do it effortlessly. They maintain and develop the circuits found in analogue electronics through testing and troubleshooting.

The analogue system can be found in a variety of electronic devices that we regularly use, for instance, microwaves, hearing aids, cell phones and MP3 players. These engineers have aced the skills to create as well as repair these complex circuits so that we all can access all these devices with ease.


Before a device or a software reaches you, it goes through a series of testing and verification that approves its use. This testing is done with the finest and most skilled electronics engineers who have been under special training in this field. A good software tester should have sharp analytical and good verbal and written communication skills.

Besides, a job in testing requires a lot of patience and hard work. The job at times can be very demanding and load the person with work and yet expect high productivity. Indeed, testing is one of the essential qualifications required by an engineer.

App Development

Well, electronics engineering is so much more than just hardware and software. One field that has taken over many other areas of this department is that of App Development. An app developer is an engineer who specialises in creating, testing and programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

They have complete knowledge of various coding languages. Additionally, they have expertise in testing and fixing any bugs that are found in the product. However, there are three types of app developers, namely, mobile app, android and iOS app developers. Programming is the root of all of these.

Safety Standards

Safety engineering focuses on the safety of products and processes in a working environment to prevent any potential threats or risks. Safety standards are met with meticulous planning and decision making power of the engineer. Besides, they develop hazard control processes, methods and programs to safeguard the work area.

Their job also involves monitoring and tracking safety systems by using different software whilst planning strategies to ensure the safety of the staff. Also, they have strong organisational and multitasking abilities.

Summing Up

Electronics engineering is a very challenging but exciting job once you have mastered all these skills. It's time to think out of the box and enhance your creativity while at the same time seeking an opportunity to flaunt away your exceptional talent.

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