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Can Entire United States Run on Solar Energy only?
Can solar energy actually power up the entire US whose annual consumption is 4,090 TWh as per 2017 statics.
How to Save Electricity at Home? | Easy tips to follow
If you are struggling with your monthly electricity bills and at the same time want to contribute towards the protection against climate change then read this article !
Top 5 Panel Enclosure Design Essentials [All you need to know]
It would be challenging at times to create an optimal panel enclosure design that perfectly resembles the user’s requirements. A basic panel enclosure includes simple yet efficient operator controls, user-friendly functions, easy to maintain, cost-effective along with an attractive appearance.
How to decide between dry type and oil filled transformer?
The above question generally arises when someone is designing a power system for their project. This could be either a residential, commercial or industrial project and may vary depending on the nature of the project in hand
Variable Frequency Drive: All you need to know! [Along with FAQs]
If you are working in industries particularly in the manufacturing the term VFDs will be very familiar to you. Especially in the 21st century almost all the factories and manufacturing units operate their motors using VFDs
What is Short Circuiting? [Does it leads to Electrical Fires?]
In simple terms a short circuit is a low resistance path for an electric current to flow between two conductors supplying electrical power. Learn More !
Solar Panels for the Rooftop of your Home [ Are Tesla Solar Panels good? ]
With the ever changing world and pollution increasing day by day the need of the hour is a proper collective approach to minimize our dependency on the fossil fuels to generate electricity thus comes solar energy into the picture .
What is Transformer? | Definition, Working Principle and Types of Transformer
A complete guide to help you understand every aspect of the electrical transformer along with FAQs and Quizzes to test your knowledge.
Electrical and Smart Grid 101: All you need to know
The endless transmission line running through the countryside,the transformers,substations, etc all this together constitutes the electrical grid.
Distribution Transformer Failure : Causes, Analysis and Prevention
There are many initiators which cause a transformer failure, but those which can potentially lead to catastrophic failure are Mechanical Failure and Dielectric Failure...
Types of Renewable Energy Sources [With Pros & Cons]
Learn about the different types of renewable energy sources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Tidal Energy etc. along with their pros and cons !
All you need to know about Offshore Wind Energy Farm [Detailed]
Offshore wind farm can generate twice as much energy as compared to onshore wind farm. Learn more !
World’s Best Portable AC Unit which helps to keep the electricity bill down !
Meet the evaSmart EV-3000 from Evapolar, a portable AC unit that might be the best transitional appliance. A tiny little unit which is quite powerful for its size.
Thermography for Predictive Maintenance
Since heat is often an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction,thermography makes sense that it is a key performance parameter monitored !
Generator Overheating : Causes & Solutions
Though diesel generators are known for their efficiency and long life span, they can also undergo different problems being a mechanical equipment like overheating, wear & tear, lubrication loss and decrease of overall efficiency overtime.
What is inside a Transformer? [DETAILED]
A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction, find out more !
Natural Gas 101 : What you don’t know
Natural gas 101 : occurs deep beneath the earth's surface. Natural gas consists mainly of methane, a compound with one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms
Why do wind turbines fail?
Like any piece of complex machinery operating under stress, wind turbines can fail. They break. They develop faults. And without the right care and protection policy in place, the resultant claim can quickly spiral out of control