Why Use An Electric Screwdriver? (Let’s Find Out)

Why Use An Electric Screwdriver?

In today’s world where time is money and productivity is of great essence, small tools like electric screwdriver can come really handy. Though manual screwdrivers are being used from ages but it is the flexibility, power and quick work output offered by the electric screwdrivers which helps them to stand out. Moreover, they are a favourite especially with assembly line operators since they lower costs and risk of getting injured. Following are some of the advantages:

1. Cost effective
2. Efficient
3. Less laborious
4. Versatile

Therefore it is of great importance that you have an electric screwdriver in your toolbox.  In this article we are going to explore what makes up an electric screwdriver, features offered in the modern electric screwdrivers and a guide on how to get your first electric screwdriver. Keep reading!

What Makes Up An Electric Screwdriver?

As the name suggests, this kind of screwdrivers are powered by electric energy. They are a combination of gears, batteries and motors which are packed in a compact fashion making them not only handy but are also very powerful.  Let’s go little deeper to find out more about the components inside.

An electric screwdriver consists of the following parts:
1. A high torque electric motor which helps to drive the whole system
2. A rechargeable battery which provides the electric power to the motor
3. A switch to control operation of the screwdriver
4. Gear system for adjusting the torque
5. A chuck to hold the screw bits in place

Features Offered with an Electric Screwdriver

Electric screwdrivers offer a wide range of helpful and technical specification to make our work life a bit easier and quicker. Here are some of the most common features offered:

Different Levels of Torque

Torque which is essentially the tool’s power is generally measured in Newton meter or Nm and needs to vary depending on the task at hand.  For example, you will need a high torque setting when driving a screw in a wood plank but will require a lower torque setting when tightening the screw of a PC so as to avoid any kind of damage due to excessive power.

Handle Design

Like any other tool it is essential to have a good grip on your tool when working with it and electric screwdrivers are no exception. Electric screwdrivers generally come with ergonomic designs and soft-grip handles to make it comfortable for you to work.

Micro USB Charging

To make it convenient for the end users modern electric screwdrivers come with the option to charge the screwdriver via micro USB charger. It not only provides a faster charging experience but can be extremely useful for you to charge the screwdriver on the go, even in your car!

LED Lighting

Modern electric screwdrivers sometimes come with a build-in LED at the front to illuminate the working area and increase productivity. It is extremely useful especially for carpentry or assembling of small pieces of furniture.  

How to Choose Your First Electric Screwdriver?

Before taking the decision to buy an electric screw driver, there are few basic questions that you need to answer so as to get the right electric screwdriver with the right technical specification.

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself is whether your work needs more torque or less torque. Application where delicate screw driving is required it is better to go with low torque screwdrivers whereas high torque screwdriver are ideal for industrial level applications. The next specification which you should check is the no load RPM of the screwdriver. As a thumb rule models with a higher RPM offers a lower torque potential. 

In cases where precision matters it is important to select the screwdrivers accordingly.  Some electric screwdrivers have built-in transducers while some others work with some other method of measuring accuracy.

Also, one important aspect that needs to be considered before you make a decision is to understand whether your work needs any special kind of accessories that needs to be installed with the screwdriver. Accessories like signal towers, arms, positioning system etc. add more value to the screwdriver which helps to ensure quality and safety of the end users.

If you keep all the above points in mind you are sure to get an awesome electric screwdriver for yourself. However, please note if you need something more powerful where screws need to be put in hard surfaces like metal plates or wall then you need something called as cordless drill which help you to get your difficult job done.

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