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Successful Computer Engineers are those who work productively and safely. There is no way around it: if you want to have a thriving career. Especially when you are early in the career stage of your Computer Engineering, your ability to keep up with best information and hard work makes the difference between success and failure.  

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In this section you will learn all about the challenges faced by Computer Engineers at their work. The articles here do a in depth analysis of the problems and provide possible solution to them. 

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Why Computer Engineering is Important?

Computer engineers are valuable part of our society since they can create innovative solutions to fix both hardware and software issues. It may be useful for computer engineers to consider higher education to gain a more competitive edge and are able to apply for jobs that are not limited to hardware.

What is Computer Engineering about?

Computer Engineering uses principles from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to create hardware (physical components) and firmware which are used in a wide range of areas: consumer electronics, medical devices, communication systems, aircraft, self-driving cars, etc.

Computer Engineering students learn how to develop, prototype, and test microchips, circuits, processors, conductors and any other component used in computer devices or systems (e.g. supercomputers, smartphones, laptops, servers, IoT gadgets). They also develop firmware, an essential type of software that allows operating systems and applications to take full advantage of the hardware.