Why TRASH a $15 million A380 engine?

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Why TRASH a $15 million A380 engine? Blade off testing is a specific form of air safety testing required by the Federal Aviation Administration for A380 and other planes. This test conducted to certify safety performance of jet engines. The tests are specified by Title 14, Part 33 Subpart F, 33.94 of the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Blade containment and rotor unbalance tests.[1]The blade-off test, in which a fan blade is deliberately detached by the testing engineers while the engine is running at maximum thrust, is done to make sure that the […]

Why aeroplanes windows are round instead of square?

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If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you’re likely aware that every airplanes windows you’ve ever seen has a round design, whether it be a circle or an oval.Windows in the home are rectangular; car partitions are angled, but mostly rectangular. Why don’t planes follow suit? At the point when business aircrafts graduated to quicker and bigger planes starting in the 1950s, planes would at times basically disintegrate midair. Two of them, both de Havilland Comets, went to pieces within months of each other in 1954 and killed a total of […]