Casio FX 115ES Plus Review | Best Scientific Calculator Ever


Review of : Casio FX 115ES Plus

Use : For complex calculations & equation solving


Amazing display and functionality.  


Looks good and works great at a very affordable price.

User Friendly

Takes some time to get used to.

Summary : For me the Casio FX-115ES PLUS is one of the best calculator out there. Though it has its drawbacks but is a great investment for anyone looking to adopt and become familiarized with their first – or next – scientific calculator.

  • Offers a large, multi-line display
  • Natural textbook display
  • Two-way power : Solar Plus + Battery Back-up
  • History is wiped when restarted
  • Buttons are flimsy and low quality

Price $16.99

Customer Reviews

Are you a high school or college student, an engineer or just a mathematics teacher who is all confused as to which Scientific calculator to choose from especially when you have so many options available and at the same time making sure it is easy on your pocket. Then Casio’s fx 115ES Plus is your answer.

Why Casio fx 115ES Plus?

Casio markets itself as a simple to use and affordable alternative to their competitors, and that once again turns out to be true and has been designed and engineered for easy operation at any level. Weighing just at 3.35 ounces, this calculator won’t add any burden to your backpack. Its keys are plastic and it comes with a hard cover for safekeeping. The price of this calculator certainly doesn’t reflect its enormous range of possibilities.

The fx-115ES Plus is intuitive and easy to use as you progress through your day to day work. The Casio Scientific Calculator FX-115ES PLUS offers the newest trend in scientific calculators: the “natural textbook” look. Inputting complicated equations and reading outputs is made easier with this function because of the way the numbers are organized on the screen.

For example, while solving equations which involves fractions the ability of the calculator to depict the fractions as you would write on a paper – a numerator directly above a horizontal line and a denominator beneath helps tremendously since your mind is accustomed to viewing equations and examples from written text. Also with just a simple press of a button you can toggle from fraction to decimal and vice versa. 

scientific calculator

History gone! – a drawback?

Even though its an amazing calculator there is one major concern which is reported by customers who are otherwise very satisfied – the history issue. Yes that’s right, the history if wiped when ON button is pressed or when switching between the modes. Let’s say for example you were in middle of solving a complex equations and after inputting all the required details you got the result but you decided to take a beak but as soon as you return back VOILA ! everything is vanished that’s because the calculator automatically shuts off after a couple of idle minutes, which is great for saving power but will also erase everything.


I have tried many other calculators. You will not find a cheaper entry level scientific calculator than the FX-115ES PLUS from a quality name like Casio which provides a tremendous amount of features for the price. If you need to save a few dollars, it’s an excellent choice.


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