What Are The Different Building Demolition Techniques? (COMPLETE GUIDE)

What are the different building demolition techniques?

Building demolition techniques can change depending upon the geographical area where the building situated, the building material, the purpose of the demolition and the way the debris is gonna be disposed off. In this article we shall outline four of the most utilized strategies amid building and structure demolition.

What is An Implosion?

Implosion is one of the building demolition techniques which is a violent bursting inward that allows the sequential elimination of structure supports as shown in the video and is one of the most widely practiced technique around the world especially for residential demolition.    

Enough explosives are utilized to dispose the critical vertical structural supports. The position of the charges and the consecutive explosion timing is of vital significance, allowing the collapse of the building induced by the weight of the structure.

building demolition techniques

For a fruitful demolition a complete set of structural blueprints must be analyzed to study the main component of such building. Likewise another vital step is to have the blaster crew complete an assessment of the structure of the buildings to identify other areas that need to be blasted, in addition to the ones identify on the blueprints.. As a last step it is highly essential to choose what sort of explosives are to be utilized, where to position them in the building and how to time their explosions.

Watch this video so that we have a better understanding how it looks like during a implosion. 

High Reach Arm

High reach arm is another conventional building demolition techniques for demolition.

The threshold for defining a high reach demolition is when it reaches a height of more than 20 meters. This method is usually formed by a base machine (excavator, tank, engine, counterweights), a demolition arm consisting of three sections or by a telescopic boom and a primary tool attached to the base machine (crushers, shears, hammers).

building demolition techniques

High reach arm demolition machines can be outfitted with various equipments to make them appropriate for executing demolition of structures. This method is used on reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and mixed material structures. The machines used in this type of demolition are not the only machines used in the process; there must be additional components used for secondary operations such as crunching of material.

Building Demolition Method: Crane and Ball

One of the most established and most normally utilized building demolition techniques for building demolition, the ball and crane utilize a destroying ball weighing up to 13,500 pounds to wreck cement and brick work structures. Amid the procedure, the ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure that will be destroyed. The ball and crane, nonetheless, is unsatisfactory for all demolition applications.

building demolition techniques

Following are the limitation of this technique :

  1. Additional work removing rebar in concrete structures is needed.
  2. Only highly skilled and experienced crane operators should be used on ball and crane demolition
  3. Smoothness in controlling the swing of the ball is CRITICAL since missing the target may tip or overload the crane.
  4. The size of the building that can be demolished with this method is limited by crane size and working room, including proximity to power lines.
  5. This form of demolition creates a great deal of dust, vibrations and noise.
Different sections of a crane

When a Strip-out is the Only Option

As reusing and recycling of material are appealing to developers nowadays, allowing them to re-use material or recycle it.

This demolition procedure is not restricted to removal of interior equipment, walls, floor, ceilings and exterior components. The main purpose of this method is to recover the maximum amount of primarily reusable and secondary recyclable material in a safe and cost-effective procedure. Although it is a labor intensive process and can be very difficult to achieve in a timely and prudent way for light framed structures.

building demolition techniques

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