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Quick Review Card : Bionic Wrench

Quick Review Card 

Review of : Bionic Wrench

Use : For easy tightening/loosening of bolts


Adjustable wrench with the ease of use of a pair of pliers.


Value for money ! 

User Friendly

Tool is much easier to use than a regular adjustable wrench.

Summary : The 6-Inch Bionic Wrench is a remarkable patented hybrid of an adjustable wrench with the ease of use of a pair of pliers. In addition, the genius of attacking a bolt/nut on all 6 flat sides removes the stress and strain on the corners of the bolt. This coupled with the superior gripping action of the jaws, allows the user to complete their work without the wrench slipping off and damaging the bolt.

  • Handy tool for quick fixes
  • Smart tool
  • Good gift idea
  • Only good for smaller then 3/8 "
  • Won't always fit in the space you need to use it in

Price $24.00

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