5 TED Talks Every Aviation Engineer Should Listen

5 TED Talks Every Aviation Engineer Should Listen

With the increasing advancement in technology and the way we live, our world is very different from what it was 10 years ago and in fact it looks drastically very different if we are to see it 50 years ago. With these changes, Aviation Engineers are closely considering how our future and current will look like and how future engineering projects should fit into our dynamic world. In the following TED talks 5 experts show us how and why these projects should reflect the need for the future societies and how to rebuild the world of the future.

Rodin Lyasoff - How autonomous flying taxis could change the way you travel

Flight is about to get a lot more personal, says aviation entrepreneur Rodin Lyasoff. In this visionary talk, he imagines a new golden age of air travel in which small, autonomous air taxis allow us to bypass traffic jams and fundamentally transform how we get around our cities and towns. "In the past century, flight connected our planet," Lyasoff says. "In the next, it will reconnect our local communities."

Paul MacCready - A flight on solar wings

Paul MacCready -- aircraft designer, environmentalist, and lifelong lover of flight -- talks about his long career.

Andrew Shepherd - Aviation's Next Great Adventure

The Wright Brothers’ first flight. Lindbergh flying across the Atlantic. Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. These great feats changed the world and aviation expert Andrew Shepherd has an idea for the next great challenge.

Tracy Drain - A Childlike Sense of Wonder: The Curious World of an Aerospace Engineer

The audience gasps in delight when this quirky trailblazer, an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, shows a rarely seen shot of the south pole of Jupiter. Taught since childhood to cultivate her natural sense of curiosity, Tracy Drain shares beautiful photographs from her work on the Juno mission to Jupiter, and an artist’s renditions of the metallic asteroid 16 Psyche, set to launch in 2022. “Hanging onto my childlike sense of wonder has made it possible for me...

Bertrand Piccard - My solar-powered adventure

For the dawn of a new decade, adventurer Bertrand Piccard offers us a challenge: Find motivation in what seems impossible. He shares his own plans to do what many say can't be done -- to fly around the world, day and night, in a solar-powered aircraft

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