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Grid Connected Rooftop Solar System [All You Need To Know]
With the ever changing world and pollution increasing day by day the need of the hour is a proper collective approach to minimize our dependency on the fossil fuels to generate electricity thus comes solar energy into the picture .
Distribution Transformer Failure : Causes, Analysis and Prevention
There are many initiators which cause a transformer failure, but those which can potentially lead to catastrophic failure are Mechanical Failure and Dielectric Failure...
World’s Best Portable AC Unit which helps to keep the electricity bill down !
Meet the evaSmart EV-3000 from Evapolar, a portable AC unit that might be the best transitional appliance. A tiny little unit which is quite powerful for its size.
How to pass the PMP exam with above target scores? [Complete Guide]
Are you one of those who wants to jump in the career ladder? Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and have the awesome three letters P M P written right next to your name on your LinkedIn profile, CVs, in email signatures etc
Thermography for Predictive Maintenance
Since heat is often an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction,thermography makes sense that it is a key performance parameter monitored !
Generator Overheating : Causes & Solutions
Though diesel generators are known for their efficiency and long life span, they can also undergo different problems being a mechanical equipment like overheating, wear & tear, lubrication loss and decrease of overall efficiency overtime.
All you need to know about Car Crash Tests [4 Major Types]
A crash test is a form of destructive testing usually performed in order to ensure safe design standards in crash worthiness and crash compatibility for various modes of transportation (see automobile safety) or related systems and components.
How ships survive through massive storms?
How ships survive through massive storms? Huge walls of water which are driven by very powerful winds slams into ships[...]
What are the different building demolition techniques? [COMPLETE GUIDE]
What are the different building demolition techniques? Building demolition techniques can change depending upon the geographical area where the building[...]
16′ Foot Quickdraw Pro Self Marking Tape [DETAILED REVIEW]
The QUICKDRAW PRO is one of the most innovative measuring tape out there with the simple integration of graphite marking system making it extremely user friendly.
How tennis balls are made? [DETAILED EXPLANATION]
With the US open kicking in next few days, we look in detail at the most important part of the game: the tennis balls.
Emergency Mobile Charger Using AA Batteries [COMPLETE GUIDE]
A step by step guide of using a AA Batteries along with voltage regulator IC 7805 to charge a smartphone.