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Arduino Traffic Light Project [With Pedestrian Crossing]
If you are looking for something easy, simple and at the same time you want to impress everyone with your Arduino then traffic light project is probably the best choice especially when you are a beginner in the world of Arduino.
Fire Alarm System using Arduino [In Few Easy Steps]
Are you looking to make a simple and interesting project with Arduino which at the same time could be really useful and potentially lifesaving?
3 Amazing Tools for Mechanical Engineers! [Engineering Gift Ideas]
Mechanical engineers are some of the most hard working people and the work involved is mostly of physical nature. Therefore, it is important for them to have the right tools so as to be more productive and get the work done in a smarter way and easier way.
What is Short Circuiting? [Does it leads to Electrical Fires?]
In simple terms a short circuit is a low resistance path for an electric current to flow between two conductors supplying electrical power. Learn More !
Solar Panels for the Rooftop of your Home [ Are Tesla Solar Panels good? ]
With the ever changing world and pollution increasing day by day the need of the hour is a proper collective approach to minimize our dependency on the fossil fuels to generate electricity thus comes solar energy into the picture .
What is Transformer? | Definition, Working Principle and Types of Transformer
A complete guide to help you understand every aspect of the electrical transformer along with FAQs and Quizzes to test your knowledge.
Electrical and Smart Grid 101: All you need to know
The endless transmission line running through the countryside,the transformers,substations, etc all this together constitutes the electrical grid.
Distribution Transformer Failure : Causes, Analysis and Prevention
There are many initiators which cause a transformer failure, but those which can potentially lead to catastrophic failure are Mechanical Failure and Dielectric Failure...
Types of Renewable Energy Sources [With Pros & Cons]
Learn about the different types of renewable energy sources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Tidal Energy etc. along with their pros and cons !
How does a Jet Engine Work? [3-Step Process]
Learn how jet engines work, which is a 3 step process : intake of air, compression of air and then combustion to produce a massive THRUST !
All you need to know about Offshore Wind Energy Farm [Detailed]
Offshore wind farm can generate twice as much energy as compared to onshore wind farm. Learn more !
Emergency Mobile Charger using Dynamo [With Circuit Diagrams]
A step by step guide of using a dynamo along with voltage regulator IC 7805 to charge a smartphone.