Emergency Mobile Charger Using AA Batteries [Complete Guide]

Emergency Mobile Charger using AA Batteries

Looking for a way to charge your phone when you are completely out of options? Make yourself a portable mini power bank completely from scratch which could come handy especially while traveling or while outdoor camping. This is a hobby project which can be made by anyone following some very simple instructions. The mobile charger works by reducing the voltage of the 4×1.5V AA batteries to 5V using a voltage regulator IC 7805 since the voltage required by a phone is 5V for charging.

You can also find step by step procedure on Instructables, click here.

Items Required

4 x 1.5V AA Size Batteries Holder

Batter Holder

4 x 1.5V AA Size Batteries

4 batteries

Voltage regulator IC 7805

voltage regulator

USB A-Male to Micro B Cable

USB cable

How the Emergency Mobile Charger work ?

When 4×1.5V batteries are connected in series connection the total voltage is 4X1.5V= 6V which is above the save limit of the phones and therefore cannot be connected directly to a phone for the purpose of charging. Thus an IC 7805 is used to regulate the voltage and to make sure that we have a constant 5V output.

Steps to follow : 

  • Cut out the micro end of the USB cable cable and clip of the data cables. We require only RED and BLACK wires as shown in the picture :  
Mobile charger AA Batteries
  • Now using a solder iron make the following connections as given below : 
Mobile charger AA Batteries
Mobile charger AA Batteries
Mobile charger AA Batteries
Mobile charger AA Batteries
  • Paste the IC 7805 on the battery holder using a glue gun so as to secure it on the surface
  • Install four AA size batteries in the battery holder ( Make sure they are charged ! )
  • Bingo! now you are ready to test your ‘Emergency Mobile Charger'


Here is a short video showing step by step procedure :

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